Mohamed Trabelsi

Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio

Something Something Dark Side

Something Something Dark Side!

Modder : Craig Ferrie

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my mad 24 hour mod that ended up being 48 hours lol

This project is my personal build, and wasn’t for any sponsor, or by any request.

It’s for me. and i made it how i like it

Let’s get this started!

So… i started out with the good ol’ damaged gold rush. Stripped her down to her undies.

Pulled out the rattle cans

Started by re-spraying the panels.
Then, i went on to 2 tone the case, in silver and gun metal. (Really liking the gun metal recently)

Time to start with the insides, and thy loop!

Filled er’ up

Then it hit me.. You know what i need ? Stress relief, so naturally i took a blowtorch and

a hot knife to my case…because… Why not ?

Phew, that was much needed.

ANYWAY.. moving on

It looked okay, not great though.. not a fan of ”Simple”

had a think… Window… window needs something

Time came to really get down and gritty and **** this case up (in a good way though)

So, i took a paint brush, some silver nail polish, mixed that with some grey spray paint

and went NUTS!

And i give you… A star Wars theme’d something something dark side.


  • ASUS ROG UK strix x299-xe gaming
  • ASUS ROG UK Gamers strix 1080 OC
  • i7 7800X
  • TeamGroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR4 gaming ram.
  • Cooler master UK mastercase maker 5
  • Thermaltake riing 140 premium fans
  • Thermaltake toughpower grande 850w

And of course Cablemod full psu custom cables.

Mixed watercooling (mostly thermaltake) (Couple of Unbranded fittings)


All of that was accomplished within 48 hours, and it was a much needed to step moving forward.

Super happy with the results.

Decided to take this further, and go balls to the wall.

Crazy, this looks really really impressive in person, but in photo’s it looks,…. meh

First, i cut up the original front panel, styled it up to match the system.Boom!

Then… i thought.. needs logos.

So i added ”1138” to the top left and ”Star Wars” to the shroud

i then thought… you know what… still not spaceshippy.. it needs engines.

I’ve also decided to continue this one, until perfect, for the CM world series 2018.

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