Prototype 4x Titan V

I decided to build a compact, small but powerful pc in a desktop /mid size .

Here’s what I built tonight

Prototype 1 (my personal pc)
Dual Xeon E5-2699 v4 44 cores / 88HT
Super micro X10DRG-Q ver 1.10
Heavily customized Th P3 case / glass panel
1 960 pro (2TB) (Os drive)
10 Samsung 850 (2TB each) RAIDed (Apps Drive)
512 GB RAM
1500W+ digital titanium PSU
Ubuntu, MS 2012 Server R2, MS 2016 Server
4k ProArt 329q monitor

Used for research, medical imaging, nuc med, isotopes, DB, and games

Check out pc parts here :

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