Mohamed Trabelsi

Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio

Install Ubuntu 18.04.1 On VMware workstation

In this blog, I will show you how to install Ubuntu 18.04.1 Desktop and VMware tools in VMware Workstation Pro. The whole process is pretty simple and straight forward. In this version of Ubuntu, I realized that installing VMware tools has become more simplified. You don’t have to install them separately. It gets installed automatically. Only a restart is required.

Lets get started…..

I have created a video that shows you all the steps. Rest of the blog is the step by step instructions. Watching the video is a good starting point.


Download Ubuntu Desktop Image

The download is straight forward. Go to Ubuntu website and download the .ISO image. This is the direct link. You can also check out the alternate downloadlink. Here you get the option to download the Ubuntu image using torrent. My preferred download is torrent because the file size is large, about 1.4 GB and it might take a while. The advantage with torrent is that you can pause the download and resume whenever you want.

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