Dimastech project

Dimastech project


Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Extreme
Processor: Intel i7 3770K O.C. / 4,6GHz / 1,29v
Graphice card: 4 x Radeon HD 7970 DC2T
Ram memory: GEIL EVO TWO 4 x 4GB / 2666Ghz
Power supply unit: 2 x 1000W EVGA G2
Solid state drive: Intel 240GB 335 Series
HDD-drives: 4TB (2x1TB + 2TB)
-Water cooling :
Processor block: EC-WB Supremasy CPU
Graphic card block: 4 x Full cover EC-WB HD7970
Pump: 2 x Swiftech Laing D5 pump
Reservoir: XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir
Fitings: EC and WB XSPC fittings 19/13 (30pcs)
Tube: Taygoon and Masteklear 19 / 13mm
Radiator 1: Phobya 240v2
Radiator 2: 2 x Phobya 360v2
Fans: 8 x Cooler Master Syckleflow 120mm RED

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Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio

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