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Mohamed Trabelsi

Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio

DeClassified Systems Client build #32 ” Vermilion “


Client build #32 “Vermilion” In Win 909 Crate and Packed ready for flight. Arriving on Dubai Airport 23:45.

By MR Mark van Acosta ( Declassified Systems )


  • Maximus 9 Formula
  • i7 7700k
  • Asus 1080 Ti Strix
  • Corsair vengeance 3200MHz 32GB RGB
  • InWin 909 Case Black
  • Samsung 960 Evo 500 GB
  • Seasonic 850w X-Series Gold
  • Corsair sp 120 Quiet edition fans
  • Deepcool RGB 360 with remote
  • x2 Deepcool pwm fan hubs
  • Gpu block Barrow 1080 Ti strix full Nikel
  • Cpu block Heat killer
  • 360mm Black Ice Nemesis Radiator
  • 240mm Black Ice Namesis radiator
  • Barrow Quartz Glass 270mm reservoir
  • D5 pump red with top
  • Barrow PETG tubes
  • Barrow Fittings
  • FTW bloody red Coolant
  • Barrow mini drain valve
  • Rock Enigma flow indicator

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