Mohamed Trabelsi

Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio


In 2015, Warner Bros. released “Mad Max: The Road to Rage,” the fourth installment of the “Crazy Max” series. In the same year, Mad Max was introduced. As a movie fan, I decided to play this game decisively. During the game, it was found that the chariot inside was too cool and cool, so this cool-cool MOD contest used the elements of “Crazy Max” to create a chariot of its own.

After a continuous process of cutting, painting and engraving, the appearance of the chariot was finally completed. Every detail of it was full of faith. Each accessory was carefully selected. The production of this chariot took a long time. There are a lot of people to help, and in the end, thank you for this cool competition that will give us a chance to play, show off our talents, and help us complete the dream of the crazy Mad Max chariot.

Parts List:

CPU: I7-7700K
Mother Board: Z270 IGAME X
RAM: 8G x2
HDD: M.2 240G
V. CARD: GTX 1080 x2
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V10

Modder : Shiji
Country :China

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