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Mohamed Trabelsi

Hi , My name Is Mohamed Trabelsi Founder and Owner Of Setup gamer and Black Hat Studio

How to Mirror your Android Screen to PC ( Without Root)

Hi all.

No matter why you want to mirror Android to PC (Windows) or any other Operating system. At the end, you’re here to find out a quick solution to do that. Many tech blogs already provided ways to mirror phone to PC. But unfortunately some ways are for the rooted devices, and some don’t work properly.

If you want an effective way to mirror Android to PC by using WiFi or without using WiFi, then keep reading this article. Cast/Mirror Android device is not a rocket science because Google already provided cast option for most of the devices. You can find option Settings> Notifications settings, or If you’re Windows 10 user, then you can use connect option. But still, these are not the simple way and doesn’t work for every Android device.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make it work with Windows as it is a lot easier and the majority of you out there with Android devices have Windows. It does work on Linux and Mac, however, and here are instructions for those operating systems if you want.

PS : you need to Enabled USB-Debugging

You can check my tutorial here :


Link of the Software  : http://corneey.com/wUQd1q

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