Tutorial MAC

    Hide Recent Apps from Dock in MacOS Catalina

    If you want to disable the Recent Applications section of the Dock in MacOS, perhaps…
    Tutorial Windows

    How to activate God Mode in Windows 10

    God Mode is a handy way to access multiple Windows commands in one single window.…
    Tutorial Windows

    Enable dark theme on Windows 10 with a single click

    Easy Dark Mode is a useful utility software which facilitates the setup of Light and…
    Tutorial Raspberry Pi

    How to install Noobs on SD card for Raspberry Pi 4

    Installing NOOBS on an SD card isn’t hard, but it also isn’t necessary. If you’d…
    Tutorial Windows

    Copy-Paste From Chrome Desktop To Android

    One of the reasons why Google remains behind Apple in cross-device continuity is the lack…
    Tutorial Windows

    How To Enable DNS-Over-HTTPS On Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave?

    What is DNS-Over-HTTPS? For those who don’t know, a DNS (Domain Name Server) translates website address from…
    Tutorial Windows

    Mount USB Drive into a VM using Hyper-V

    In this blog, we will show you how to mount USB drive into a VM…

    Hackers Can Use Lasers to ‘Speak’ to Your Amazon Echo or Google Home

    In the spring of last year, cybersecurity researcher Takeshi Sugawara walked into the lab of…

    RAIDMAX MX-902F RGB RAM Heatsink

    RAIDMAX introduces the MX-902F desktop memory heatsink with RGB lighting powered by addressable RGB LEDs…
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